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The first product of its kind!

Cornpole is transforming the way people play America's favorite backyard pastime by saying "NO" to bending over.
The Original Cornpole™ uses magically strong rare-earth magnets and patented ferromagnetic bags to eliminate the need to bend over to collect bags. Cornpole speeds up game play and makes playing less tiring allowing you to play longer, laugh more, and have more fun. You'll never want to play cornhole without them again.

Step 1

Throw Bag.

Step 2

Pick up bag.

Step 3


Created in the U.S.A.
because, F*%K YEAH!

Grown + Milled in Tennessee

We met a badass woodworker that runs a mill on the banks of the Cumberland River. He lives and breathes wood, USA grown trees, and thankfully also enjoys cornhole. Cornpole production and preparation are started in his Tennessee mill.

Manufactured in Sunny Florida

Cornpole construction is completed in Florida. Final wood preparation, assembly, finishing and powder coating are all done by hand (by Paul). This is also where we add the magically strong rare earth magnets. 

The Original Cornpole Guarantee

Cornpoles are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We guarantee that you will play longer, have less fatigue, and have more fun. Give them a try and let us know what you think.  

More Playing.
Less Grunting.

Make Cornhole More Fun

We created The Original Cornpole™ to solve a specific problem and quickly realized it made cornhole more fun, sped up game play, increased interactivity, and opens up the game to more players. It turns out we solved more than one problem.
Grab a set. We are convinced you will love them.

Say "bye-bye" to back pain

Most Americans are putting massive strain on necks and backs by bending over improperly. You have been working hard all week so it's time to relax.
Grab your Cornpoles, some friends, a drink, and get outside to have some fun. Bending Over Sucks. Get cornpolin'.

Cornhole for All!

We want anyone and everyone to be able to play and enjoy cornhole for as long as they want with less fatigue and more laughter. No matter your age or ability you will soon wonder how you ever played without them.
To help others experience the power of play a portion of each Cornpole purchase will go to Move United, a leading adaptive sport non-profit.
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