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Close up of two people playing cornhole outside on the grass with The Origrinal Cornpole. The Cornpole League of Ambassadors badge overlays the photo.

Welcome the Cornpole League of Ambassadors

Join our exclusive league of cornhole enthusiasts and let's revolutionize the way we play! As a Cornpole brand ambassador, you won't just rule the boards – you'll also earn cold, hard cash for every sale using your custom link or code. Plus, get early access to our latest products, snag exclusive discounts, and get insider access to events.

Woman sitting on the grass outside on a Summer's day, smiling with The Original Cornpole placed in her lap.

Who You Are

Are you the life of the party, the organizer of family game nights, or the one who always knows the latest trends? We’d love to work with you! Here are a few other ways to tell if you’re a great fit for our brand ambassador program:

  • You’re an influencer or content creator interested in hosting events, backyard BBQs, camping trips or other outdoor fun
  • You have a public social media account with at least 5k followers
  • You’re a cornhole enthusiast with a genuine love for the game
  • You’re a part of other brand ambassador or performance-based affiliate programs

Where Passion Meets Opportunity

Join the Cornpole League of Ambassadors

Apply below and we'll get back to you (spots are limited).

Products are currently made to order. Please allow for up to 10 days for production and shipping.