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About Us

If necessity is the mother of all invention, then let us take a minute to tell you about invention’s less well-known uncle, drunken laziness. Many of the world’s great ideas have been prompted by a drink, or two, or six…including the clothes on your back. Legend has it that Elias Howe dreamed up the sewing machine during a drunken daydream about spear wielding cannibals. And if we’re being honest, we all know why Newton was “sleeping” under that apple tree.

Where did the idea to create The Original Cornpole come from?

In our case, Cornpole was conceived during a kid-free camping trip when an (ahem) older friend had to quit playing cornhole because the repeated bending over to pick up the bags was bothering his lower back. His exit from the game left an odd number of players and eventually led to complete game attrition. At that moment the idea for Cornpole was born! (Yes, we did just equate Cornpole to the invention of the sewing machine and the theory of gravity.)

After contacting some trusted friends to make sure we weren't crazy, we dusted off the sewing machine and got to work. We tried dozens of combinations of sizes, shapes, and weights of magnets, poly fill and ferromagnetic fill materials. We shipped prototype after prototype up the East Coast for testing, criticism, and iteration. After innumerable considerations around material use, construction and assembly we have created a product that seamlessly integrates with cornhole wherever you play and whatever your age or ability. We went going so far as to test bag, after bag, to ensure that ours feel, throw, and thwack, without any difference to traditional cornhole bags.

Made in the USA!

We never considered making Cornpoles anywhere but the USA. Sure, we could have had constructed them from plastic and had them mass-produced in China (we're convinced somebody might try). But like the game of cornhole, we are American Made, and so are our products. Wood for all of our products is made from 100% sustainably sourced, US grown hardwoods and construction is completed between Tennessee and Florida. It simply does not get any more American than that!

The Original Cornpole was made for everyone with the intent of making a game we love even more fun. We are convinced that once you try them you will never want to play cornhole without them again. Accept no substitute.

Giving Back

As we researched, discussed and prototyped this idea it became clear that cornhole is not only played in the backyard during BBQs and pool parties, but is also used in numerous therapeutic applications. Physical therapists and nursing homes use cornhole as a low impact activity that promotes balance and fine motor skills. Playing games like cornhole have also shown to improve mental health by promoting relaxation through focusing on a simple task and interacting with others. Recognizing the importance of play and inclusivity we have committed to donating 1% of profits to Move United, a leading adaptive sport non-profit whose mission is to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, experiences the life-changing power of sport.  


Products are currently made to order. Please allow for up to 10 days for production and shipping.